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Steps to starting a blog

1. Determine your niche - this is your basic topic, such as motherhood. You can be more specific and narrow your topic down to something like special needs kids, etc.

2. Choose a name - this is the hardest part. All of the best!

3. Register a domain. I went with, simply because they had the unique URL that I was interested in and their prices were fantastic. Their customer service is outstanding.

4. Register an email address. You do this where you register your domain.

5. Decide on a website/blog platform. If I had the technical knowhow I probably would have gone with Wordpress, but I don't. And I don't have the time or energy to figure it out.

I went with Wix because it is super userfriendly and simple.  They give step-by-step instructions for everything from site design to SEO, monetisation, etc. Their customer service team helps quickly and efficiently. Click HERE to design your own Wix site.

6. Design your site and logo.  Wix helps with this if you cannot design your own logo. Alternatively, you can contact a graphic designer or utilise the services of 

7. Set up social media and/or apps

After I had my social media pages and profiles set up, I use Canva to create beautiful images for my Instagram account, and then I use Later to schedule the content for Instagram. From there I use IFTTT (if this then that) to create rules for sharing to all of my other social media pages and profiles from Instagram. Lots of automation and minimum effort!

8. Link social media with main site/blog

9. Start writing!


Keep SEO (search engine optimisation) in mind.


Here are some tools that you may want to try out:


Here are some ideas for blog posts:

  • "How to" blog posts - explaining how to do something

  • A series of blog posts on a particular topic

  • Personal stories

  • Writing about a historical event

  • Write about something that is currently trending in the news

  • Report on an interesting conversation

  • A list of useful resources

  • Reader questions and answers

  • Share some mistakes that you have made

  • Share a powerful quote and then elaborate and comment on that

  • Share a great photograph and then elaborate and comment on that

  • "The best 25 tips for..." posts

  • "My secrets for..." posts

  • Review a product (remember that you can use affiliate links in these type of posts)

  • Tips for making a very difficult task simple

  • Explain why you do what you do

  • A guide to something popular

Remember the following:


Good bloggers write blog posts that they're inspired to write, that they are excited about writing. Good business bloggers write the content that people are actually looking for, the valuable content that will actually change people's lives. - Allison Lindstorm (watch THIS Youtube video)

People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, confirm their suspicions and help them throw rocks at their enemies. - Blair Warren

People want to know the following:

  • That they are being heard.

  • That they are safe with you.

  • That you find them special.

  • That they can get support from you.

  • That they have a sense of belonging with you.

The four pillars of blogging according to ProBlogger is:

1. Creating great content

2. Promoting that content

3. Deepening relationships with your readers

4. Monetising (making money from) your blog, if that is a goal for you.

Read more about making money from your blog HERE


  1. Evernote - it is my digital brain! If you sign up HERE you will receive a premium account to try out for a month. Thereafter it will revert to the free option, which is still pretty awesome.

  2. Later - I use this fantastic tool to schedule my Instagram posts. I find the free plan to be sufficient for my needs, but there is a paid plan as well if you would like to go BIG. Sign up HERE.

  3. Canva - for beautiful design templates.

  4. IFTTT - If this then that - I use this to automate rules to repost content from Instagram to the rest of my social accounts.

  5. Zapier - even better when it comes to automation!

  6. Buffer - to schedule social media.

  7. Buffer Reply - all of your social media messages collected in one inbox!

I make use of affiliate marketing to monetise this site. If you make a purchase via a link that you clicked, I may earn a commission for the referral at no extra cost to you.

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