You are most welcome to submit a guest post for consideration.

Please keep the following in mind when doing so:

My blog's underlying theme is one of inspiration for moms, so I would request that that be the underlying theme of what you write. Even if the article is about special education, it must include something encouraging for the mom who reads it, something that makes her feel less alone and give her hope.

I have a global following. To avoid confusion, you will have to be very clear if you offer something that is locally based and not available in other countries.

Your submission indicates that you are giving me permission to post your content on my blog and/or other social media platforms. 

I will contact you if I need to edit any part of your post - possible edits may be based on length, grammatical consistency, AP style or changing the language to vocabulary I use regularly, as well as suggestions for search engine optimisation.

Your post will have to be your own original content and/or images, referencing other authors appropriately if you make use of their content.  We don't want to get in trouble for plagiarism or copyright infringements. 

If you decide to post your submitted content elsewhere, my request is that you wait until the day I post and include the following copy: “Originally posted on” and include the permalink.

You are most welcome to include your logo, images, contact details, etc. and take full credit for the guest post written.

I would encourage you to share a link to the post wherever possible. I've found that sharing to related Facebook groups has been especially effective.

Submit an article
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