How to make money blogging

Try and aim for three sources of income to monetise your blog:

  1. Active income - involves marketing, effort and time

  2. Passive income - one-time effort insures money comes in perpetually without further effort

  3. Recurring income - for example, subscription services that people pay for every month. It is a lot easier to get a happy customer to purchase from you again, than what it is to get a stranger to buy from you for the first time.

  • ​Ask your existing readers what they would be interested in and develop a service around that​

  • Sell to your existing readers

  • Then create a cheaper product/course that you can create a passive income with

  • Run promotions on social media to sell your product or course

  • Later you can follow up with previous clients and sell another course to them

How to get people to buy things from you - marketing advice:

You need to get your subscribers to understand, accept and invest into you unique value system - Jeweliet Tangen

  1. You need to start by getting people's attention. Visual social media content works really well.  Video performs the best on social media at present. Facebook/Instagram stories are very powerful! Something eye-catching that people would want to share. It needs to be believable within 5 seconds of seeing it. The reader needs to believe that it will work for them, personally. Think about questions or objections they may have and address that immediately.

  2. Then you can show them that you have what they want. Look at solving people's problems. It will immediately get their attention. Give them the incentive to keep reading or watching... keep their attention!

  3. Then provide them with value. Practical advice, help, ebooks, printables. When you consistently provide quality content, people will want to read more of what you have to say. 

  4. You will become an authority on your subject. When your readers need help with a particular issue, they will know that you are the expert and think of going to you first. Keep solving small problems rather than targeting broad problems, this will show that you know what you are doing.

  5. They will trust you and want to buy from you.  Make sure that whatever you post, is actionable and will lead to a sale.  Add buy buttons or email opt-in forms, etc. 

Other ideas:

  • Google Adsense

    • After reading about the approval process, I was quite nervous and doubted that I would be approved, but three weeks ​after my application I received confirmation that my site was approved with only my first 7 blog posts.

    • Please remember that there is another waiting period after approval before your ads will start appearing.

    • Here is what you will need to apply:

      • A custom domain for your website.  Some say you need a custom email address, but I got approved with my Gmail.

      • The following pages are compulsory: About, Contact, Privacy Policy - you are most welcome to copy my privacy policy.​

      • I added a cookie pop-up, not sure whether it made a difference. Wix makes this very easy.

      • Your web design needs to be clean and easy to navigate. It needs to look like a proper, completed website and not something that is still in the development phase.

      • Many sites recommend not using other ads while you're in the application process, but I had a few ads from one affiliate on my site and still got approved.

      • Be sure not to violate any copyright regulations when it comes to your text or images.

      • They say to have at least 100 visitors per day, but I only had about 1000 per month.


  • Amazon Associates

    • If you are a South African blogger the only way I've found so far to get the money from Amazon into your South African bank account is via a Payoneer account - it's an American bank account. It's super quick and easy to open an account with them and very simple to transfer the funds to your local bank account. Click HERE to open your Payoneer account.​

  • Affiliate links

  • Sponsored posts

  • Product/service reviews

  • Giveaways/reader offers

  • Sidebar advertising

  • Guest posts

  • Sell physical products

  • Sell online products

    • ebooks, tutorials ​or workbooks

    • Monthly subscription websites

    • Graphic design goods, such as planner inserts, graphs, lists, etc. 

    • Your own photography

    • Online courses

    • Podcasts - sponsorships, ads, affiliates

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